Want to spice up a simple outfit? This Silver Black Bag is just perfect for you! The shiny hologram and the black zipper details make this bag hard to miss. In addition, all everyday essentials fit in this spacious bag. 


Transform your Girly into a little sunshine! This it-piece features a bright yellow color and adjustable hooks.


Give your Girly an extra glittery touch. This little clutch is perfect for an evening out. It can be closed with a zipper and has a handle to carry it around the wrist.


For all those who like all things fluffy, this backpack is just right for you. The grey backpack consists of a large compartment at the back and a smaller half glossy violet compartment at the front.


Old school is calling! This pink backpack with its big buckles reminds you of a school bag. It has a small handle and two larger ones to carry the backpack comfortably.


This backpack consists of two colors: purple and pink. The front part as well as the handles are pink and the outer compartment and rear are in a delicate purple.