Lola loves to play dressing up. To do justice to her beautiful and eye-catching violet hair, she chose a glitter pink top. And to complete her striking look, she gets all creative with her face gems and the magnetic eye lashes.

Contains: I’M A STYLIST styling head, magnetic lashes, hair accessories, earrings & face gems


This beautiful styling belt is the perfect addition to I'M A STYLIST Lucy and Lola. With its glossy hologram finish, including a brush holder, 1 blush brush, 1 powder brush, 2 eyeshadow brushes, and 1 comb, you truly turn into the perfect stylist. 

Contains: 10 compartments for brushes, pencils etc., 6 pockets, 1x rouge brush, 1x powder brush, 2x eye shadow brush, 1x comb