A new hairstyle for your fashion doll can be easily created! With our different hair pieces, you can create a new look for your fashion doll everyday. The long shiny hair is 35 cm long and is available in light pink/blonde ombré, blond/brown ombré, and blue for a trendy look.

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Sweet dreams are guaranteed for your fashion-doll in these fluffy llama pajamas. You can not miss this it-piece for pajama parties with the girlies.


You cannot miss Jasmine! With her curly long hair she catches everybody’s attention right away. She is a full-time dreamer and adores everything that glitters. In her spare time she spends time with her horse or looks after her Golden Retriever.

Jasmin is 48 cm (approx. 18 inch) tall.


It is super easy for Kayla to make friends, as she is a very outgoing person. She is sporty and is often seen playing volleyball with her friends. She loves to wear street style and is ready for any game at any time.

Kayla is 48 cm (approx. 18 inch) tall.