How to keep your wigs silky and nice

You most likely have already noticed when touching the I’M A STYLIST wigs that the hair is incredibly silky. We are so jealous of Lola’s and Lucy’s beautiful hair!

We know that combing, braiding and playing with the hair for hours can make it look a bit tangled. Here are a couple of tips to make it look nice and shiny again:

  • Always comb the hair carefully and from top to bottom.
  • If you want to wash the wigs, use lukewarm water and a little bit of conditioner or softener. Let it sit for an hour. Rinse well with lukewarm water and let it air dry on the wig holder (don’t use a blow dryer or any other heat source). As soon as they’re completely dry, the wigs will look and feel as silky as in the very beginning!