DIY: Christmas dress

Looking for a dress for Christmas? With this DIY you can easily create one for your I'M A GIRLY doll.

To create this look, you will need:
- red jersey fabric
- white "fake fur" fabric
- thin elastic thread
- sewing tools (needle, pins, scissors)
- pen
- sewing pattern

Sewing pattern

1. Cut the sewing pattern.
2. Place sewing pattern onto fabric and trace the pattern.
3. Add approx 1cm or 2/5 inches around the sewing pattern and cut the fabric.

Add a hem (approx 1cm or 2/5 inches) where it is indicated.

1. Pin the front and back of the dress together.
2. Sew the pieces together (indicated side a and b).

Do the same with the sleeves:
1. Add a hem
2. Sew the pieces together and turn it into a sleeve.

(optional) sew the sleeves onto the dress

Add white "fake fur" fabric at the hem

attach the fake fur fabric onto the inside of the dress

repeat for the sleeve

Take the longest white "fake fur" piece and sew it to a long tube.

Turn the tube inside out

Sew the ends together and put it onto your doll.