Hobbies: E-Guitar, dancing and skating
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
I like: music and dark chocolate
I don’t like: if someone takes away my food!
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Animal: the unicorn
Favorite Accessory: my backpack, there’s room for everything I need
What I want to become: write my own music or become an astronaut
Where I would love to travel to: for sure Paris
I can’t live without: my headphones - without headphones there is no music
What makes me special: I speak 4 languages
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Hobbies: ballet dancing, dressage and gymnastics
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
I like: sewing
I don’t like: the cold
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Animal: swan
Favorite Accessories: my tiara, because I feel like a princess when I am wearing it
What I want to become: a gymnast or an actress
Where I would love to travel to: L.A. for sure! Because there’s always something going on
I can’t live without: my family and friends
What makes me special: my purple hair
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Hobbies: Planning my future travels, strolling through second-hand shops and photography
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
I like: being outside 
I don’t like: selfish people
Favorite Color: gold
Favorite Animal: Lion
Favorite Accessories: friendship bracelet
What I want to become veterinarian in Africa
Where I would love to travel to: Rome
I can’t live without: nothing goes without my camera!
What makes me special: I am free spirited and believe in second chances.
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