When the first prototype arrived. We were super excited because a small idea went from 3D rendering to something much more realistic: a physical product that we could touch. With enthusiasm, we reached out to a group of young kids to show them what we had developed… and oh how wrong we were. However, they really surprised us when they took our prototype and began to show us what they wanted and how they wanted to play. Thus began the KIDS4KIDS design team – a group of young girls and boys between 9 to 13 years old – dedicated to igniting the problem-solving capabilities and innovative spirit of kids. The KIDS4KIDS design team stands at the core of I’M A GIRLY. Everything that has been and will be produced has to face the critics of our design team. As adults, we wouldn’t be designing toys better for kids. Kids would be designing toys better for themselves. 


Emma is one of our junior designers. Excited to play and create with her friends, she enjoys working with us and sees it as a step towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer (and also enjoys the extra pocket money). At the team meetings, she and the other girls learn what it takes to develop a product.

Emma’s favourite doll is Lola and she loves her purple shimmering hair. Even though each member of the team has their own style, the junior designers agree on one point: “No matter how old you are, everyone can be a GIRLY!”

I'm a Girly - Girls 4 Girls