As a young company from Switzerland, we have high quality standards and take environmental sustainability seriously. All our products are made from top quality materials and the packaging can be reused as furniture or an accessory for the Fashion-Doll. Get to know more about I’M A GIRLY with our USP buttons.

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We started the Kids4Kids Design-Team to empower young creatives to expand their imagination and be part of the design process. The team consists of girls and boys between the ages of 9 to 13 years old. They represent our core audience and provide us valuable input on current trends and personal interests.

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Do you want to cut or style your doll’s hair? That’s not a problem with our Fashion-Dolls. The hairstyles can be switched out with new hair and altered anytime. Do you want a new style or color? With our hairstyles, these transformations can be made effortlessly.

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Too cool for baby dolls but still a pre-teen? I’M A GIRLY was created for exactly that age. The hip, cheeky and trendy Fashion-Dolls build a bridge between childhood and teenage years. I’M A GIRLY creates strong role models and inspires children to live out their individual ideas and fantasies.

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I’M A GIRLY promises sustainability with style: Everything is produced with premium tested materials. The packaging can be re-used as a wardrobe closet or for storing the Fashion-Doll. We care about the environment and aim to conserve natural resources.

We wish you a great time playing, discovering and diving into the hip and colorful world of I’M A GIRLY.