Welcome to the world of I'M A GIRLY

When we started designing our products, we turned to the number one experts in the field – the kids themselves – and created the KIDS4KIDS design team.

How it started

When the first prototype arrived, we were totally excited because a small idea went from 3D rendering to something much more realistic: a physical product that we could touch. Totally enthusiastic, we reached out to a group of young kids to show them what we had developed… and oh how wrong we were. They really surprised us when they took our prototype apart and began to show us what they actually wanted and how they wanted to play. 

This was the beginning of the KIDS4KIDS design team. Consisting of a panel of young boys and girls, the design team meets regularly to discuss and design new clothing and accessory collections. 
In addition to the existing KIDS4KIDS design team, other children also regularly get the chance to design new clothes and accessories to participate creatively in the design process. Through regular castings in the form of styling competitions at events and via social networks, young fans of the brand have the opportunity to actively influence future designs. In this way, I’M A GIRLY ensures that the products are tailored to children’s needs. 

Emma is one of our junior designers. Excited to play with her friends and create things, she enjoys working with us and sees it as a step towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer. At the team meetings, she and the other kids learn what it takes to develop a product. Even though each member of the team has their own style, the junior designers agree on one thing: “No matter how old you are, you are never too old to play!”

Become a part of our design team!

Want to become part of our design team as well to design future I'M A GIRLY clothing collections? Download the drawing template here and show us your creativity!